A representative of the IUT has participated at the meeting with the delegation of the European Commission in Banja Luka

With the aim of getting closer of different possibilities for the participation in the new EU program for research and innovation - Horizon 2020, at the Rector's Office of the University of  Banja Luka on Wednesday, 08.6.2016.g. has been held a meeting of the European Commission delegation with representatives of public and private universities from the area of both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also with the representatives of certain public and private economic agencies as well.

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On behalf of the International University Travnik from Travnik, the meeting was attended by  Sabahudin Hadžialić, Ph.D. candidate of IUT.  Greeting and also opening statements had Rector of the University of Banja Luka, Prof. dr. Milan Mataruga, who, at the very beginning of his address, stated question of the motivation of researchers to turn in projects due to the high set for the scale possibilities of accepting projects when it comes to applications for projects under Horizon 2020. In fact, sometimes it happens that a very small number of applied projects get green light, and therefore it has been stressed the importance of networking potential linking of the universities from our region with universities in Europe, which are empirically and methodologically complemented with appropriate technological knowledge within different research projects in the nearest future.

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After the introductory speech on "How to increase the participation of BiH researchers in Horizon 2020: Dilemmas and Possible Solutions", which was given by the side of representatives from the European Commission, Tanja Freiderichs and Costas Glinos and addressing from Ammar Miraščija, state coordinator of NCP for Horizon 2020 in the name of the Ministry of Civil Affairs  of BiH, who spoke about the details related to the up to date applications with an example that only for 10% of the applications so far were given a green light, a common conclusion of all present was that should be, in close collaboration at all levels of education and economic sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, greater involvement all interested parties with the aim of shaping of the joint consortiums with the same or similar research resources in the European Union, in order to utilize the means at its disposal under the Horizon 2020 program.

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From the WWW page of NCP…quote:  “Horizon 2020, is the new EU program for research and innovation, and is also the largest system of financing for these purposes in the world. The program offers about 80 billion grant donations to organizations from all sectors (academic sector, government organizations, businesses, medium-sized and small businesses, associations, NGOs, etc.) to be able to intensively focus on innovation and scientific- research activities closer to the market. Special attention is devoted to areas with less developed scientific infrastructure and small and medium enterprises for which are intended for about 20 percent of total assets.


Horizon 2020 is open to anyone and it has been significantly reduced the administrative procedures in order to improve the quality of results.”…end of quote.

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The importance of projects of this kind is an invitation to our researchers from the International University Travnik and deans of all our faculties, that, through the study of appropriate guidelines-a which can be viewed and downloaded for free (in our language also) from the official government website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH that is dedicated to the Horizon 2020: http://ncp.ba/, in the nearest future be more directly involved in the preparation, creation and implementation of projects of this kind.

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In fact, in spite of direct involvement in the scientific - research projects (two so far, with the launch of the third to the end of this year under the KA1 and KA2 Erasmus + program) and implemented by research teams led by doctoral student of IUT, Sabahudin Hadžialić, it is necessary, in accordance with the basic guidelines of the work and activities of scientific-research sector of IUT, a complete academic staff  of IUT  be more directed towards greater involvement in the scientific-research projects. This has been methodologically clearly and specifically indicated by the side of Academician, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, Rector of IUT, as the one of main methodological guidelines for future work and activities of IUT, at the recently held XIII International Conference organized by IUT on Vlašić.

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