Students of the second year of undergraduate studies of the Faculty of Media and Communications visited executive and legislative institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Tuesday, 31.5.2016,  students of the Faculty of Media and Communications of International University Travnik, together with the lecturer, in the framework of implementation of the final part of the Syllabus for the module of  II year "Media, Politics, Democracy" visited BiH institutions: Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of the Council of Ministers BiH and Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

The hosts were Deputy Minister Predrag Jovic and his consultants - Milenko Tosic, Consultant - Head of Office of the Deputy Minister and Dragana Bojovic, Consultant of the Deputy Minister in behalf of the executive power and in behalf of the legislative authorities - Parliamentary Assembly, host was Enra Soldin from Public Relations Section.

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The students have got, with immediate interaction with representatives of the executive and legislative authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, appropriate clarifications on their specific questions, in addition to the presented basic information about the activities and work of the mentioned ministry, as well as functioning of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

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With the introduction to the work and activities of the legislative and executive authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the students were able on the spot to become familiar with the intertwinement of all media forms of communication with the immediate realization of the activities of the highest legislative and executive institutions of the BiH authorities.

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