International University Travnik was successfully presented in Latvia at the Scientific Conference

During the weekend, from 27.05. to 28.05.2016. at the Rezekne University (Rezekne Academy of technologies - RAoT) from Rezekne, Latvia - has been held Scientific Conference "Society, integration, education" which was organized by RAoT in cooperation with Siauliai University - Lithuania, University of Bari Aldo Moro - Italy and "Alisher Navoi" Samarkand state University - Uzbekistan.

Latvija 27.5.2016

 Radno tijelo Naučne konferencije u Latviji

On behalf of the International University Travnik was officially invited by the side of Dean of the Faculty of Education, language and design from RAoT, Prof. Dr  Marita Rosenfeld, as the honorable guest, our doctorand, Sabahudin Hadžialić. Not by accident, because IUT and RaoT are currently implementing several joint scientific-research projects:

  1. 1." Media (i)literacy and political manipulation - position and opposition in the context of the development and / or preventing the development of a healthy society of direct democratic consciousness - advantages and disadvantages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Latvia" who, in the name of the RAoT is led by Prof. Dr Sandra Murinska - Gaile.
  1. 2. "Do we leave Gutenberg and entering the hologram galaxy - Research of media , cultural, ethical and scientific perspectives of further development of means of communication - the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Latvia" which, in the name of the RAoT is led by Prof. Dr Gilberto Marzano.

Latvija 27.5.2016 1

Gilberto Marzano i Sabahudin Hadžialić

Both mentioned projects, on behalf of the IUT are led andwithin process of implementation by our doctorandd Sabahudin Hadžialić. Currently is in the process of methodological analysis the content of the survey, which has been conducted, for the purposes of scientific research projects, and successfully realized by students (for IUT - from the Faculty of Media and Communications and for RAoT -  from the Faculty of Education, languages ​​and design).

In November 2016 will be held and a joint Press conference, with the use of Skype and / or Live stream, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Latvia, when the public in both countries will get information about the details of the methodological results from completed research projects.

At the same time, within the month of October 2016 is starting the project "Professional Development in Higher Education: Improving of the quality in the Western Balkans" in the framework of the Erasmus + (KA2) program. Within this project are engaged 17 universities from Europe and Western Balkan and the coordinators of the project for the European Union, and for the Western Balkans are: RAoT and IUT.

Of course, people who have worked together on preparation, but also within the coordination of the overall flow of the project, which will run from 2016 to 2019. are the Prof.dr. Gilberto Marzano from RAoT and Sabahudin Hadzialic, doctorand of IUT..

Latvija Velta Sabahudin 28.5.2016

Velta Lubkina i Sabahudin Hadžialić

Cooperation also exists when the publishing of the joint book of authors from RAoT and IUT (with the involvement of one more University from Poland), so  by September this year will be published the book in English "Introduction to social innovation",  and will be published by the prestigious publishing house Mimesis International from Italy. Co-authors of the book are: Prof. dr. Miroslaw Grewinski, Deputy Rector of the Pedagogical University, "Janusz Korczak" from Poland, Prof. Dr. Gilberto Marzano from RaoT and Sabahudin Hadžialić, doctorand of IUT.

Latvija 27.5.2016 2

However,  just realized Scientific Conference in Latvia during which the representative of the International University Travnik really successfully achieved not only contacts, but also the presumptions for the implementation of several joint projects, in accordance with the strategic plans earlier formulated by the Academician, Rector of IUT, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić, with the aim of further internationalization of interactive cooperation between IUT and international universities, has opened opportunities for:

  1. 1.Establishment of direct cooperation of certain faculties IUT and the RaoT in the nearest future;
  2. 2.

2. Preparation for the maintenance of joint International conference in which will be participating universities, besides IUT from BiH, from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Uzbekistan, which is planned for 2017 and preparations are already underway.

3. Very soon will be signed the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding with universities from Poland and Uzbekistan about which has been agreed upon  during the mentioned Scientific Conference in Latvia.

Our doctorand, in addition to meetings held in the office of Chairman of the

Conference, Prof. dr  Velta Lubkina, has actively participated in three scientific workshops, while participation at the conference had 364 participants of the universities from 19 countries from Europe, Asia and Australia.

Latvija 27.5.2016 3

International University of Travnik has confirmed also on this occasion that with  active, direct involvement of individuals of our staff, and as well as of the management as a whole, we can expect the continuation of the planned process of strengthening of own capacities with the aim for further development within the scientific research process, as well as in the field of international cooperation of IUT.

Latvija 27.5.2016a

PR office

International University Travnik

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina