Our doctoral candidate was appointed as Visiting professor at the prestigious university in Rome, Italy

UNINETTUNOLecturer from the Faculty of Media and Communications and PhD - doctorand of International University Travnik, MSc. Sabahudin Hadžialić has received at the end of February 2016 a very significant offer to become a Visiting professor at the Communication Science Faculty of UNINETTUNO University of Rome, Italy.



In fact, the immediate offer given by the Rector of the Università Telematica UNINETTUNO, Prof. Maria Amata Garito to submit a proposal of Syllabus for the subject of "Media Ethics in Professional Journalism" for Master study "Media and Communication" at the Communication Science Faculty, and after methodologically shaped up of the mentioning proposal, and approval given by the Scientific Committee of University from Italy, on 15/03/2016 .g., our lecturer will become a Visiting professor and tutor at the Communication Science Faculry, as of this academic year.

MSc. Sabahudin Hadžialić, PhD-doctorand has published 19 books so far (three of which are of the scientific and expertise nature in the field of media and communication sciences, while the rest come from the sphere of literature - prose and poetry). Certain number of the books were published in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, and his art works has been translated into more than twenty world languages, with the publication of books in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United States and France. He has been published in literary anthologies at home and abroad since 1999. He is a member of the most important professional associations in the sphere of journalism and literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the region and the world, with the participation and organization of several scientific conferences and symposia in BiH and Europe. He has the status of the Distinguished artist in the Canton Sarajevo since 2009.  More information about Sabahudin Hadzialic, along with photos, videos, articles, interviews and film clips from 1979 to date might be found on the official web page of our PhD-doctorand: link.

Sabahudin Hadzialic i Nicola Paravati

 Sabahudin Hadžialić and Nicola Paravati from UNINETTUNO

He has, within preparation for publishing, two scientific books - one in cooperation with colleagues from Latvia - Dr Gilberto Marzano and Poland – Prof. Dr Miroslaw Grewinski entitled "Introduction to Social Innovation" for 2016, as well as a book of scientific essays, "The world as global sin" that will be published by Eurasia Review, from USA, in 2017.

International University Travnik congratulates our PhD - doctorand, and rector of the University, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić upon being informed about mentioned news of the appointment of our lecturer to become professor at prestigious UNINETTUNO University of Rome, Italy, have said: "The importance of our university was also previously present in the European academic and scientific framework, while the appointment of our lecturers to become professors at foreign universities enough speaks about the commitment of the International university Travnik for improvement of our own academic and scientific staff, with the aim of establishing appropriate meritorious academic criteria, not only for our university, but also beyond. I am confident that the appointment of the PhD-doctorand Sabahudin Hadzialic for the professor at the Communication Science Faculty in Rome, Italy, will be an encouragement for our other lecturers and researchers that, in the domain of theier self-interest, follow the same path, proudly presenting in this way not only the International University Travnik, but also Middle Bosnia Canton, but also the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. "


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