Students of the Faculty of Media and Communications as implementers of surveys for the International projects which is conducting IUT

Foto saopstenje 8.12.2015Scientific research projects of the International University Travnik which are structured and shaped on the basis of the signed Memorandum of Understanding between the IUT and the Rezekne University, from Rezekne, Latvia these days receive an immediate realization, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Latvia.

Namely, the immediate Leaders/Project managers of two agreed projects: on behalf of IUT, Sabahudin Hadžialić, Msc, doctorand (FMiK/IUT) and in the name of Rezekne University, Prof. Dr Sandra Murinska - Gaile for the Project: "Media (i)literacy and political manipulation - position and opposition in the context of the development and / or preventing the development of a healthy society of direct democratic consciousness - advantages and disadvantages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Latvia" and  Prof. Dr Gilberto Marzano for the Project: "The XXI century and communication - Do we leave Gutenberg and entering the hologram galaxy - Research of media, cultural, ethical and scientific perspectives of further development of means of communication - the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Latvia" have agreed on the final forms of the research forms for the assumed surveys.

Foto saopstenje 8.12.2015

 At the same time, both sides have engaged and implementing teams so that students from Faculty of Media and Communications joined, based on invitation of the Leader/project manager of Projects on the side of IUT, the immediate implementation of the project in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

2nd year of study - Adla Abazović, Adela Delić and Džemal Dedić

3rd year of study – Loreno Laštro

4th year of study - Diyala Bošnjak-Šebenik

Participation in the implementation of planned projects which start is on 10.12.2015 for the First and on 15.12.2015 for the Second Project, will be, for the students of the Faculty of Media and Communications, in addition to familiarize with the basics of methodological shaping within implementing of scientific and research surveys, an opportunity to gain insight into the forms and ways of realization of scientific projects at the international level.

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