Faculty of Law

At the Faculty of Law studies are managed by the model 4 +1 +3 which means 4 years of undergraduate program, 1 year of master program and 3 years of doctoral program.

Undergraduate degree programs (I cycle; 3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

  • General Law

Postgraduate master programs (II cycle, 3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

  • Civil Law
  • History of state and Law
  • Criminal Law
  • State and international public Law

Postgraduate doctoral programs (III cycle; 3+2+3 i 4+1+3) are:

  • General Law


The objective of Faculty of Law is to educate students about former and current legal system and its imperfections. The Faculty will educate specialists who will be able to solve a number of questions from private and public legal sphere where problems of different scale of complexity are  explained .

Finishing the Faculty of Law students will become responsible professionals, leaders in pursuing law business, business environment,  governmental bodies and private life.  Students will be able to participate in construction of law and law institutions in society and in whole B&H.

Professional or academic title awarded upon completion of the program:

    Undergraduate degree program (I cycle):
    • Bachelor (baccalaur - es/eus of Law with specification of 240 ECTS and finished program

    Postgraduate master program (II cycle):
    • Master of Law with specification of finished program

    Postgraduate doctoral (Phd.D.) program (III cycle):
    • Doctor of Law science with specification of finished program