The vision of International University Travnik

Planning and implementation of teaching and research-development activities, and other forms of work with students and other users of services Management of International University Travnik wants to build the image of the institution as an important factor of regional development. University management is under constant review of answers to issues related to the role of science and education in the development of society.

Management and the Board of Directors will base the development of the University at the professional and scientific research work in areas that directly support the economic development of the local and the wider community. By increasing the efficiency of teaching and sharing knowledge with other universities with the presence of visiting professors will satisfy the needs of the local community for experts from different fields of business. For this purpose, it will encourage the further development of post-graduate study with study groups of interest for the establishment of sustainable social development, in order to strengthen scientific research in cooperation with partners.

The evaluation of results and analysis of the study groups, and by comparison with competitive educational institutions management will conduct constant modernization of teaching. In this way, the existing theoretical knowledge will be transfused into creative practice as a way of expression of each teacher. Guided by the program objectives of the fundamental document management of University will:

Building relationships with institutions that provide international legitimacy to this educational project

Building relationships with service users in the local community and the region, gaining confidence and increasing the number of service users;

Building internal structure according to the requirements of the European Union, establishing a quality system and environmental management system application of international standards;

Adopt European norms of evaluating the quality of education, the educational process and research activities.

To achieve these social roles management and Board of Directors, together with partners will launch, manage and co-finance the following projects:

Transformation of the current teaching practices in order to meet the growing social needs and challenges of the future;

Intensification of teaching application of modern pedagogical audiovisual methods and techniques;

Introduction of innovation in education; way to practice in which all forms of education are subjected to constant analysis;

The rationalization of teaching by creative activity of teachers in the methodic treatment;

The transformation of the faculty knowledge from cognitive to develop methods of research,

Increasing efficiency of teaching changes in the organization;

Education of staff in the direction of compliance with the recommendations of the World Declaration in Higher Education;

Improvement of the quality management system of educational services in accordance with customer requirements.”