The mission of the International University Travnik


"The adopted premises of the European strategy of higher education:

Start of the third millennium was marked in science by the transition from theoretical -methodological to preparation of the strategic program and project of scienctific-research development. In the unique European Research Area it appeares uncertainties in the rationality of access and management of organizational efficiency and achieving scientific and professional thoughts on the development of the spark of excellence. Reproductive knowledge is set versus to innovation. The basic question of education management is how to sell human energy shaped in educational programs.

In education are the most important systems, sub-systems and functions. Chapter 35, Agenda 21 is a global strategy on the role of science. A man is interested in planetary promotion and 102 countries in the world have signed the document about the world. What humanity needs is not an area of Declarative science. The world exists through the world market knowledge and goods. How foreign partners satisfies their interests and needs?

Basic Mision directions

Breeding human resources and conversion in human potencial by strengthening research approach programs that have to be adjusted to educational standards.
Harmonization of study programs of Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engeenering, the Faculty of Ecology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Media and Communication and the Faculty of Polytechnical Sciences in Travnik to the needs of the local community, the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and the recommendations of the World Declaration on Higher Education and achievement: competence of graduates, the required level of  specialization and training for research work.

Developing general competences: objective evaluation of the work of others, communication with experts in related fields; possession of professional ethics, ability to manage projects, conducting experiments, data processing and interpretation of results, and creativity and innovation. Developing specific competencies: knowing of ways and methods of action in the environment in accordance with the rational use of resources, implementation of environmental protection measures in terms of sustainable development.

Strengthening human economic activism from the standpoint of environmental protection, as well as the rational use of natural resources of the utmost importance. Achieving the ability to integrate knowledge, solving complex problems of procurement, production, marketing and management, and understanding complex social relations in countries in transition.
Developing study skills as well as general professional competencies that enable the continuation of education in terms of training for scientific research in specialized areas.
Enabling enrollment of students to the European higher education institutions. in accordance with the reform of the education system by the recommendations of the Bologna Declaration in Higher Education.

Promoting the Quality System in higher education by cooperation between the members of similar associations or associations in the region and Europe, by accepting inter-institutional cooperation and mobility schemes and integrated programs of study and research programs in the field of economic and technical disciplines.

The connection with the ultimate goals

By this way it is train versatile, socially responsible and professional graduates, capable to deal with complex issues management components of economic activity and the establishment of permanent growth of value added. The mission of the faculty is in accordance with the objectives of the program of action. The mission and goals periodically are reviewed, valueting the complementarity of study programs to the needs of planning and development in developing the local and wider community). "