Marketing and Trade Management double degree programme with Kaunas Faculty, Vilnius University, Lithuania

The study programme is coordinated by the Faculty of Economics

Study area: Social Sciences

Study field: Marketing

Qualification awarded: Master of Marketing

Duration: 2 years

This study programme was prepared with the focus on the growing demand for specialists in marketing and trade management who possess theoretical as well as practical skills. Market research carried out in the country revealed what competences of graduates of marketing and trade management are most required by the managers of Lithuanian companies, the opinion of graduates as well as students who are about to begin their studies in this study programme. This programme was prepared on the basis of objective demand of the market as well as theoretical and methodological requirements for this kind of programmes.

The aim of the study programme:

To prepare high-profile specialists in marketing and trade management with the ability to perceive the organisation of marketing, trade and logistics processes; prepare actual projects and programmes, analytically and critically asses market changes; integrate knowledge of various scientific fields with the focus on solving the problems of organizations marketing and trade management within the framework of international management.

Learning outcomes

A graduate of the study programme “Marketing and Trade Management” has skills in organizing marketing, trade and market research processes as well as ability to prepare actual projects and programmes either individually or in a team. He is able to analytically and critically assess market changes, can determine the market, customer needs knows how the company should work so that it would meet these needs in an ever-changing external as well as internal environment, can creatively interpret received results and use different theoretical paradigms and internet marketing technologies by making strategic and tactical solutions in different spheres of marketing and trade management, is able to communicate either in written or in verbal form within the cross-cultural environment.

Distinctive features of the study programme

The study programme is oriented towards interdisciplinary subjects and unites interrelated studies of marketing, trade and management, which are relevant to business. Students of the programme are provided with the systematic approach towards the coordination and management of marketing, trade and management activities in an organization seeking to create added value for an organization. The study programme is considerably flexible and allows students to choose alternative courses to some extent and pursue studies of marketing, trade, management more intensively, to further deepen their understanding of  intercultural differences and international similarities, especially related to differences on value system, perception and behaviour speaking about race, ethnicity, religion, gender, taking into consideration social variety.

Master students’ participation in (the Department’s) scientific research and conferences:

Master students may participate in the annual Prof. Dr. V. Gronskas scientific conference that is organized by VU KnF for master and PhD students “Development of Economy: Theory and Practice”; also, they may take part in conferences and seminars organised by other universities where they can introduce and discuss the insights of their scientific research and share ideas with other young scientists and lecturers. Mentioned conference opens up remarkable opportunity for the development of the skills and knowledge that will lead towards the increasing possibilities for  further career development.

Master students are involved in the Department’s scientific research together with their scientific advisers by preparing and writing their MA theses: they analyse separate aspects of scientific research carried out in the Department.