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Active participation of the Professor of International University Travnik at the Conference in Madrid, Spain

Konferencija Madrid Spanija 1 IUTIn Madrid, Spain is underway, within the premises of University Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) from 15.3. and until 17.3.2017 the Conference - International staff week of joint programs of "structured and non-structured mobility" where as a participant, on behalf of the International University Travnik, participate also a Professor of the Faculty of Media and Communication and Coordinator of international relations of IUT, Assoc. Prof. Dr Sabahudin Hadžialić.

Konferencija Madrid Spanija 7 IUTOn the first day of the Conference were presented positive examples of implementation of Erasmus Mundus joint Masters program by the side of Mirela Febrega, Project adviser of EACEA, Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of European Commission, with reference to the dual, multiple and joint degree programmes as an instrument for the internationalization of higher education as it has been seen by Dorothy Kelly (Vice Rector for Internationalization, University of Granada in Spain). At the same time, internationalization is described quote "... as the process of integration of international, intercultural and global dimensions of the goals of education and learning, research and service functions of the university within the high education system." … end quote.

Konferencija Madrid Spanija 2 IUTThrough the presentation of successful, one hundred percent implementation of Erasmus Mundus projects through outstanding managerial access of the application teams and timelines, Angela Melley, Interantional Development manager, College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, stated, first of all, a commitment to teamwork and making environment serious within the university as the main prerequisite of progress and implementation of projects of several million Euros within the last six years.

Konferencija Madrid Spanija 3 IUTSupporting this approach of the preparation of projects, the representative of IUT, Assoc. Prof. Dr Sabahudin Hadžialić, with the example that "the devil is always in the details," pointed out that in addition to motivation, which is important for the participation of individuals in the realization of joint programs, extremely high importance have also a commitment to the academic mission of the individual, a person who is active within certain projects at the university . Having carried out a minor correction of the statements from his colleague Melley from Scotland, Professor Hadžialić emphasized, with which she agreed, that, regardless a team work, it is an extremely important fact is that who coordinates and leads the team, because without coordinator, teamwork can turn into anarchy where everyone thinks that know it all, while at the same time no one knows much about anything. In other words, teamwork in this case disappears and turns into an organized anarchy which, in the first meeting with a serious problem in the implementation of projects could burst like a balloon full of false assumptions.

Konferencija Madrid Spanija 4 IUTOur representative was also, at the end of the first day of the Conference, suggested that should be, after its completion, shaped the online group (or on a separate Web page, or on one of the social networks) where the participants, representatives of universities from Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Spain , Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina would have a common online conversation with the daily exchange of experiences, highlighting the problems and creation of new ideas and forms of mutual cooperation, which is accepted by acclamation. By this way the Conference would continued its virtual existence as an example of dedication and targeted focus towards improving the performance presented within this Conference.

Konferencija Madrid Spanija 5 IUTIn addition to numerous meetings with colleagues from reputable European universities, during the first day, Prof. Hadžialić have agreed on specific terms of the meetings to be conducted on the second day of the conference - with the aim of further improvement of mutual cooperation. On the second day of the conference, among other things, is planned also a joint seminar on the advantages and disadvantages of structured mobility, with the organization of the Round Table on the above, in addition to other activities of the planned agenda. During the presence in Madrid, it is visible a joint approach of Vice dean of Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius University, Prof. Dr Jadvyga Kruminiene and our professor, and everything within the goal of the further improvement of the existing cooperation that is visible through mobility of students and professors, and also very soon starting of unique double degree programme (MA study . MARKETING AND TRADE MANAGEMENT) that is already visible here: for which enrollment is already ensured all information and starts from September 2017.

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