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Outstanding receipt and feedback of students and professors in Lithuania on realized lectures of lecturer from IUT

Predavanje Litvanija SH

In the framework of the Erasmus + mobility Dr.sci Sabahudin Hadžialić, professor of the Faculty of Media and Communications at International University Travnik resides currently in Vilnius, Lithuania, where on Wednesday, 1.3.2017.g. he held a series of lectures to students and professors of Kazimieras Simonavičius University on subject "Intercultural Communication".

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During the morning's sessions which, within its own comprehensiveness included sub-themes:

1) Deeply polarised world of the XXI century

2) Tolerance and dialogue in the media

3) Freedom and misuse of freedom in media

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... and in the presence of not just students from KSU, and also of a number of students who, within the Erasmus + mobility program, attending summer semester at this university, including fellow professors, who expressed their appreciation to him for the success realized form of presenting these difficult topics, our lecturer, through his own way of presentations and interactive orientation of immediate communication, intrigued present students who are, as it was his goal by all means, being positively provoked by professor's approach, were an integral part of the entire educational process.

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Namely, with many inclusive comments, questions and reactions to the presented lectures, the students have, by the end of the teaching process, highlighted to our professor that ... quote: "... this was one of the best lectures I have attended so far. I study Law faculty, although have the aim to, after graduation, direct myself towards diplomacy, and therefore your lectures were of great help for me "... end quote (Ana Lisa, a student from Italy) and ... quote:" The importance of today's lectures for me has opened a new positive possibilities for understanding of other and different ones within intercultural communication"... end quote (Lorenzo, a student from Italy) that, at the request of the other attending students professor Hadžialić agreed for one informal meeting this week with them, to continue talks specifically about topics being discussed today at KSU in Vilnius.

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At the same time, the event was attended by two students of the Faculty of Economics of IUT, Ramiz Kopčić and Irfan Mandžuka, who are attending summer semester at KSU, as part of the Erasmus + mobility, with whom our lectures conducted a brief conversation during which they repeated their positive impressions on the Kazimieras Simonavičius University, Vilnius and Lithuania as well as the receipt by the side of friendly hosts.

u drustvu sa studentima po zavrsetku predavanja na KSU  susret sa nasim studentima na KSU

Prof. Hadžialić was, after completion of a series of lectures, interviewed by the Head of communication projects of KSU, Monica Mačiulienė, MA, who informed him that the interview will be published not only in the university journal and on the WWW site of KSU, but also on portals and newspapers in Lithuania in the nearest future time.

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International University of Travnik, within the strategic vision shaped by the side of distinguish Academician, Rector, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, and upon completion of the methodological quality prepared process, in a very successful and practically seen heading towards the pedestal of excellence not only in BiH and the region, but also of Europe, which shows the presence of our academically realized doctors of science at universities in Europe and the world.

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