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The lecturer from International University Travnik will hold a series of lectures on Kazimieras Simonavičius University in Vilnius, Lithuania

vilnius 27.2.2017 2

In the framework of the Erasmus + mobility Dr.sci Sabahudin Hadžialić, professor of the Faculty of Media and Communications at International University Travnik is currently in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he will, on Wednesday, 1.3.2017 held a series of lectures to students of Kazimieras Simonavičius University on subject "Intercultural Communication".

At the same time, as a Coordinator for International Relations of IUT, our lecturer have met on Monday, 27.2.2017.g. with a colleague Vaiva Poškaite Tomasevic, International Coordinator of KSU in Vilnius, during which it has been emphasized the assumption of further development of international cooperation between our two universities. Cooperation will continue to focus not only on the mobility programs of students and academic and non-academic staff, but also on the concrete connection between faculties of our universities with the aim of joint working on improvement of the curriculum and the realisation of joint educational and research programs and scientific research projects.


vilnius 27.2.2017

International University Travnik supports mobility of students, academic and non-academic staff of IUT-with the aim of implementation of the slogan "For the life full of possibilities“ understanding the seriousness of the immediate recognition of the quality of our teachers, assistants and staff, but also students as well, and not only on the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also within the area of Europe and around the world.

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