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Lecturer from International University Travnik in the co-autorship within the book „Introduction to social innovation“ – Italy, February 2017

Cover social innovation With accepting of invitation at the end of 2015 from Dr. Gilberto Marzano, Head of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Technologies at the Research Institute of Regional Studies at Rezekne university, Rezekne, Latvia (co-editor of the edition), PhD candidate of the Faculty of media and communications of IUT, Sabahudin Hadžialić; MSc have participate within the realisation of textbook, as the co-author of the book „Introduction to social innovation“, together with colleagues from European universities, and peer review of the edition has been done, before publishing, by Dr. Hab. Jerzy Krzyskowski from Lodz University from Lodz, Poljska i Dr. Alessandro Novembre from Lecce University from Lecce, Italy.

Publisher is prestige Publishing company Mimesis International from Italy. Beside our author from IUT, as co-authors are also Prof. Dr Miroslaw Grewinski, Vice rector in janusz Korczak University of Education in Warsaw, Poland;  Dr. hab. Arkadiusz Karwacki, Professor from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland; Prof. Dr and Prof. Honoris Causa Velta Lubkina from Rezekne University, Rezekne, Latvia; Prof. Carlo Scaini from Udine University, Udine, Italy; PhD candidate Gabriela Sempruch, MSc, from Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland and Dr. Gilberto Marzano from Latvia. The chapter of the book signed by Sabahudin Hadžialić is titled „Social media and social innovations“.

The book is published in electronic format (e-book) in English language beginning of February 2017, and soon is expected publishing of the shorter version in printed version in Italian language as well, during 2017.

Cover social innovation

After publishing two books by the side of our PhD candidate, of politology and sociology essays in English language in United States of America (which are already within the University library of IUT)  titled: “Bosnia and Herzegovina and XXI century” published in November 2014 (promoted in Sarajevo same year) and “South East Europe at the edge of civilization” published in February 2016 (promoted in Poland same year), mentioned scientific book “Introduction to social innovations”, which is just presented to the public of Europe, but very soon to the whole world, through online bookshop Amazon, is logical sequence of aiming of International University Travnik to, besides creation of the environment of innovative methodological presumptions of improvement of the scientific appearances, make capable students of the 3rd cycle of studies at IUT to have permanent support of our University in accordance with our slogan “For the life full of possibilities”.


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