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Student of 3rd cycle of study within IUT have published paper in International magazine “Third concept” in India

In accordance with the development and methodological shaping of doctoral studies that are harmonized with the latest insights, analysis and presentation of scientific forms of appearance within all faculties of the International University of Travnik, our doctoral students are focused on the publication of their papers not only in scientific journals of national and regional character, but also in the broader - European, and global level, as well.

Sabahudin Hadzialic

One example of that kind that not only supports the mentioned claims of empowering position of IUT in academic, and therefore system base on the merits of detection of quality, is just published paper "Perspectives on social media and social innovation" of our Ph.D. candidate, student of 3rd year of doctoral study of Faculty of Media and Communication within International University of Travnik, Sabahudin Hadzialic, MSc in the “Third concept”, the international journal of ideas that is published out in New Delhi, India, since 1987.This is one more scientific recognition of our doctoral student, after his appointment on the position of professor at the Communication science faculty of UNINETTUNO University in Rome, Italy.

Editor in chief of “Third concept” international journal is Babuddin Khan,  and within the magazine that has a monthly character, in the issue No. 353, from July 2016 are, among others, published papers of Dr. Mushfique Alamo, a professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Bhagalpur, Dr. Kirana Bale, Dr. Sociology of Girls College from Rorkeea, Dr. Swaleh Sindhi from Sayajirao University, Dr. Debaratija Chakrabortyja from Jadavpur University and  Researcher Daniel E. Raja from Gandhigram Rural Institute in India.

cover pg Third concept

The main goal of the journal is to provide a platform where a meaningful exchange of ideas will take place among scientific professionals from around the world. The intention is focused on communication, debate and exchange of information within the description, analysis and theory of scientific knowledge.

International University Travnik congratulates our Ph.D. candidate while emphasizing that the doctoral - postgraduate study in all faculties of IUT provides exactly that mentioned possibilities for international contacts, publications and substantive validation of papers that belongs to our students in the scientific journals based on the merits around the world.

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